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The conduit that connects the creative poetic voice, especially

in rural and remote areas of Arizona; we are connected to

excellent poetry and stimulated by the resonance of

other poets. Roberta L. Howard, CEO, NAVCARE 



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January 2018 Monthly Contest Winners

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Paul Callahan--Flight of Snowbirds

Gail Denham--Cajun Senior

                         --Look Up

Charles Firmage--Nearest Place to Heaven

Bill Guthrie --Abandoned Dreams

                      --The Perfect

Arjai Barrington Kennedy--Art Gallery

Janet Rives--To Be an Artist

Mariana Warner--Forecast

Stuart Watkins Presents at Sun City Chapter

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Stuart Watkins, Vice President of ASPS, recently presented a poetry program to members of an Arizona State Poetry Society chapter. Marlene Little of the Sun City Chapter of ASPS invited Stuart to present a program on, "The Book I Am Going to Write."

It was a fantastic success.

The poets and writers in attendence wrote poems that brought tears to the eyes of many in the group. They all went home with a note pad to continue their writes about a key that opened up memories and things from their past, so they could continue, or start, the book they are "Going to Write." The group of writers from the Sun City Chapter shared some fantastic writes.

Stuart hopes that some of the wonderful, warm writes that came form his presentation will result in poems being published, or a book being started and fininshed, before the end of 2018!

2016 and 2017 Sandcutters

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The 2016 Sandcutters journal with the monthly and annual contest winners and a featured artist has been mailed to all members, winners and judges.

We have also mailed the 2017 Sandcutters to all members. Paul Callahan and his team did a beautiful job of producing the 2017 issue of our annual ASPS poetry journal. There will be an opportunity to purchase additional copies of this issue and we will post a notice on the ASPS website as soon as that capability is available. Until then, enjoy your 2017 Sandcutters!

December 2017 Monthly Contest Winners

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Arjai Barrington Kennedy     Sunday with Grandmother

Paul Callahan                         The Working Man

Gail Denham                          Dancing Rocks

Charles Firmage                    Cold Cadillacs in Amarillo

Charles Firmage                           Night Visitor

Alan Perry                               More

Christy White                         Broken Stones

Christy White                         The Shape of Animals

Eva Willis                               My Favorite Poetry: An Ode to Me

November 2017 Monthly Contest Winners

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Charles Firmage    Come Home Soon

Chrales Firmage    Ink Stains

Mark Hudson         Macho Model

Ann Penton           A Dry Spell

Ann Penton           haiku: "rounded boxing glove..."

Alan Perry             Nightfall

Jane Stuart           A Winter Caravan

Christy White        All the Beautiful Stories

Christy White        Borealis

October 2017 Monthly Contest Winners

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Gail Denham - Makes Me No Never Mind

Charles Firmage - A New World’s Dawning

Charles Firmage - Yesterday’s Tears

Mark Hudson - It’s Easy to Forget

Ann Penton - Flight of Fancy

Alan Perry - Played

Janet Rives - Childhood Blues

Janet Rives - Of Mineral and Light

Jane Stuart - Timeless

July - September 2017 Monthly Contest Winners

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September 2017 Winners


Von Bourland                   A Six Year Old’s Naptime

                                          Firefly Trees            


Paul Callahan                    Harrington


Charles Firmage                Fattening Frogs for Snakes

                                           God and Papa                               

                                           No Smoking Please – 1968


Ann Penton                        Haiku:  “loosely tethered…”                     


Kim Sosin                           Mother’s Journal


Mariana Warner                  Old Fashioned         


August 2017 Winners


Von Bourland                     April Rain



David Byrn                         What is Salmon?



Gail Denham                      Haiku:  “reprieve at noon…”

                                           Memaloose Retreat  …family – past, present


Charles Firmage                 The Gift


Jane Stuart                          An Autumn Butterfly

                                           A Summer Dream

July 2017 Winners


Von Bourland                     Asthmatic Dreams


Paul Callahan                      Summer Monsoon

                                            Nature’s Smile


Gail Denham                      Haiku:  “daffodils sighted…”


Charles Firmage                 We Won’t Be Back Till Dawn


Ann Penton                        Concerto in B Minor for Crochet Hook and Yarn


Alan Perry                          Bow Valley Watchers


Janet McMillan Rives        This is the Day

                                            Penmanship  --  for Cassandra

April, May & June 2017 Monthly Contest Winners

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Hi there!

Sorry our updates and news items have been unattended. Below are the winners from the last three months.

APRIL 2017

Alan Perry - Cacti

Charles Firmage - Last Summer Roses

David Byrn - What is Xanthic?

Gail Denham - Grandma's Kitchen

Von Bourland - Tin Top Road

Mark Hudson - The Salem Sonnet & Discussing Guinea Pigs Over Eel

Ann Penton - Watching the Lake Ice Up & Haiku "The pup assembles"

MAY 2017

Charles Firmage - Memories

Janet McMillan Rives - Like a String on My Finger

Gail Denham - Letting Go

Ann Penton - Pondering the Ending

Von Bourland - No Winter Song Sounds

David Byrn - The Sycamores

Jane Stuart - To the Last Troubador

Paul Callahan - Dawn

Kim Soisin - Why Didn't We Ask?

JUNE 2017

Mark Hudson - Loss of Art

Ann Penton - Upturned Canoes & "X" is the Unknown

Charles Firmage - Chasing Lady Luck & Cafe Down the Street

Mariana Warner - Conundrum

David Byrn - Amused by My Muse

Paula Ashley - After My High School Reunion & Memories of a School Girl

I'll have a little more time in the coming months, so expect to see me posting more often!


March 2017 Monthly Contest Winners

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March 2017 Sandcutters Winners are:

Paula Ashley - The China Cabinet


Janet McMillan Rives - Journey


Von S. Bourland - Wind Break


Charles Firmage - Evening Shadows

                              Woods and Trolls


David Byrn - Boisterous Reverence


Mariana G. Warner - The Feminine Mistake


Jane Stuart - A Merry Morning

                     An Early Morning (cinquain)


Thank you to everyone who participated in our monthly contest and congratulations to the winners! Checks are on the way!


January & February 2017 Monthly Contest Winners

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I've been very busy the last several months with, you know, LIFE and school and my fulltime job and family. But here are the monthly winners for the last two months. Certificates and checks for February winners will be in the mail on Monday, 3/13.

Thank you to everyone who participated and keep writing, keep submitting!


Life Traces                                             Janet Rives

Teddy Bear on the Train                   Mark Hudson

Treasure of the Sierra Madre           David Byrn

What is Buff?


A Leg to Stand On                                Ann Penton

New Winter Moon                               Charles Firmage

Forgetting                                              Mariana Warner

What Happened





In the Corner, a Piano                         Ann Penton

Haiku, “hummingbird feeder…”

Helen Keller                                           Mark Hudson

Friendship                                             Paul Callahan

Autumn Window

Golden Poppy Sonnet


An Evening Yesterday                        Jane Stuart                                                         

Arizona on my Mind                           Eva Marie Willis                                               

Endangered                                           David Byrn