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The conduit that connects the creative poetic voice, especially

in rural and remote areas of Arizona; we are connected to

excellent poetry and stimulated by the resonance of

other poets. Roberta L. Howard, CEO, NAVCARE 



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November 2017 Monthly Contest Winners

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Charles Firmage    Come Home Soon

Chrales Firmage    Ink Stains

Mark Hudson         Macho Model

Ann Penton           A Dry Spell

Ann Penton           haiku: "rounded boxing glove..."

Alan Perry             Nightfall

Jane Stuart           A Winter Caravan

Christy White        All the Beautiful Stories

Christy White        Borealis

October 2017 Monthly Contest Winners

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Gail Denham - Makes Me No Never Mind

Charles Firmage - A New World’s Dawning

Charles Firmage - Yesterday’s Tears

Mark Hudson - It’s Easy to Forget

Ann Penton - Flight of Fancy

Alan Perry - Played

Janet Rives - Childhood Blues

Janet Rives - Of Mineral and Light

Jane Stuart - Timeless

July - September 2017 Monthly Contest Winners

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September 2017 Winners


Von Bourland                   A Six Year Old’s Naptime

                                          Firefly Trees            


Paul Callahan                    Harrington


Charles Firmage                Fattening Frogs for Snakes

                                           God and Papa                               

                                           No Smoking Please – 1968


Ann Penton                        Haiku:  “loosely tethered…”                     


Kim Sosin                           Mother’s Journal


Mariana Warner                  Old Fashioned         


August 2017 Winners


Von Bourland                     April Rain



David Byrn                         What is Salmon?



Gail Denham                      Haiku:  “reprieve at noon…”

                                           Memaloose Retreat  …family – past, present


Charles Firmage                 The Gift


Jane Stuart                          An Autumn Butterfly

                                           A Summer Dream

July 2017 Winners


Von Bourland                     Asthmatic Dreams


Paul Callahan                      Summer Monsoon

                                            Nature’s Smile


Gail Denham                      Haiku:  “daffodils sighted…”


Charles Firmage                 We Won’t Be Back Till Dawn


Ann Penton                        Concerto in B Minor for Crochet Hook and Yarn


Alan Perry                          Bow Valley Watchers


Janet McMillan Rives        This is the Day

                                            Penmanship  --  for Cassandra

April, May & June 2017 Monthly Contest Winners

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Hi there!

Sorry our updates and news items have been unattended. Below are the winners from the last three months.

APRIL 2017

Alan Perry - Cacti

Charles Firmage - Last Summer Roses

David Byrn - What is Xanthic?

Gail Denham - Grandma's Kitchen

Von Bourland - Tin Top Road

Mark Hudson - The Salem Sonnet & Discussing Guinea Pigs Over Eel

Ann Penton - Watching the Lake Ice Up & Haiku "The pup assembles"

MAY 2017

Charles Firmage - Memories

Janet McMillan Rives - Like a String on My Finger

Gail Denham - Letting Go

Ann Penton - Pondering the Ending

Von Bourland - No Winter Song Sounds

David Byrn - The Sycamores

Jane Stuart - To the Last Troubador

Paul Callahan - Dawn

Kim Soisin - Why Didn't We Ask?

JUNE 2017

Mark Hudson - Loss of Art

Ann Penton - Upturned Canoes & "X" is the Unknown

Charles Firmage - Chasing Lady Luck & Cafe Down the Street

Mariana Warner - Conundrum

David Byrn - Amused by My Muse

Paula Ashley - After My High School Reunion & Memories of a School Girl

I'll have a little more time in the coming months, so expect to see me posting more often!


March 2017 Monthly Contest Winners

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March 2017 Sandcutters Winners are:

Paula Ashley - The China Cabinet


Janet McMillan Rives - Journey


Von S. Bourland - Wind Break


Charles Firmage - Evening Shadows

                              Woods and Trolls


David Byrn - Boisterous Reverence


Mariana G. Warner - The Feminine Mistake


Jane Stuart - A Merry Morning

                     An Early Morning (cinquain)


Thank you to everyone who participated in our monthly contest and congratulations to the winners! Checks are on the way!


January & February 2017 Monthly Contest Winners

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I've been very busy the last several months with, you know, LIFE and school and my fulltime job and family. But here are the monthly winners for the last two months. Certificates and checks for February winners will be in the mail on Monday, 3/13.

Thank you to everyone who participated and keep writing, keep submitting!


Life Traces                                             Janet Rives

Teddy Bear on the Train                   Mark Hudson

Treasure of the Sierra Madre           David Byrn

What is Buff?


A Leg to Stand On                                Ann Penton

New Winter Moon                               Charles Firmage

Forgetting                                              Mariana Warner

What Happened





In the Corner, a Piano                         Ann Penton

Haiku, “hummingbird feeder…”

Helen Keller                                           Mark Hudson

Friendship                                             Paul Callahan

Autumn Window

Golden Poppy Sonnet


An Evening Yesterday                        Jane Stuart                                                         

Arizona on my Mind                           Eva Marie Willis                                               

Endangered                                           David Byrn                                                         


August 2016 Sandcutters Winners

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Thank you to all ASPS members who enter our monthly contests! Here are the winners of the August contest.

Alan Perry - Dark Awakening

Jane Stuart - Giornale

Paul Callahan - The Polar Flight

Walter Ralston - Susitation

Charles Firmage - Portal Through Time & Time's a Train

David Byrn - What is Sable?

Janet Rives - First Steps

Mark Hudson - Dumpsters and Dante

There is no monthly contest for October, November and December. Please participate in the annual contest and hope to see you at the fall conference on November 19th!

July 2016 Sandcutters Winners

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Here are our winners for July. Congratulations to all of our winners!

Rhonda Brown - In Appreciation of Not-So-Small Things

David Byrn - Teacher and What is Taupe?

Paul Callahan - My Brother

Charles Firmage - Trying to Come Home and Atrophy

Alan Perry - In Sink

Janet McMillan Rives - Belle

Jane Stuart - Inside Summer's Moon

These poems will be published in our journal, Sandcutters, one copy available to our members for free. Additional copies can be purchased in our Web Store.

Also, don't forget to look over our Annual Contest. Deadlines come quicker than you think!

May & June Sandcutters Winners

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Here are the winners of the May Sandcutters contest:

Charles Firmage: It's a Long Walk & Whichever Way the Wind Blows

Alan Perry: Wolfen

Gail Denham: Music of the Bees

Paul Callahan: An Old Arizona Poet

Jane Stuart: From 'Jottings' & The Vanished

David Byrn: Mountain Top

Gail Denham: Round and Roundabout

Here are the winners of the June Sandcutters contest:

Alan Perry: Summer Flavor & Olneya tesota (Desert Ironwood)

Paul Callahan: Downpour & Nature's Dance

Jane Stuart: Far Away & Silver Circle

Gail Denham: Forest Calls

David Byrn: What is Pistachio? & Seefeld

Congratulations to all our winners! We encourage all ASPS members to participate in the monthly contest. It costs $0. Winners receive $5 per poem and the winning poems are published in our beautiful Sandcutters, which make great gifts!

December 2015 Poetry Missive

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December 2015 Poetry Missive


Hoppy Owlidays, Furry Chipmunks, Blesséd Bees, Bah Bug HUMs, and I'm not getting any sillier than that!


There have been changes. New or one-time poetry events happening this month. Some old friends are on hiatus. Others may have slipped through the bars and are off to new adventures. So read over carefully, mark your calendar, and if you see I've missed something (like I did last month), be sure to zoom me an email. Unless the holidays are delayed, this is one missive that will have to do.


Coming up this next weekend on Friday, December 4th, is the 2nd Annual RISE! Intercultural Poetry & Art Show at the Great Arizona Puppet Theatre. Enjoy a slice of our city's diverse community through poetry, art, music, and storytellers. The $5 (cash please) door fee comes with a raffle ticket for some awesome prizes. You can buy more raffle tickets to support the evening's performers, and purchase coffees and treats from Tres Leches Café, also all cash. Like Christmas, this only comes once a year. Oh, and did I tell you that the puppets are awesome, too?


There are some other regular events, but some will be closed for Christmas, like the UA Poetry Center and most anything connected with the universities, so puh-leeeze check to be sure the event is happening. I keep telling y'all to just tell me. MOST of the time I do get your notices into the missives.


Finally, I've wrapped it all up with The Basement!


Metaphors be with you and Hippy Ewe Ear!

Christy White, aka Miz Treaz

for Arizona State Poetry Society

[email protected]


 December  December  December 




All events are FREE unless otherwise noted!! Also, if it is outside, check to see that the heat (or a surprise storm) has not postponed the event.


PLEASE CHECK to make sure these events are still on!


WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

FLAGSTAFF, Flagstaff Poetry Slam @ Firecreek Coffee Company, 22 East Route 66, sign up 7 pm, the fun starts at 8 pm. Sponsored by Necessary Publishing. For more info: 928.774.2266



PHOENIX, Undiscovered Phoenix @ The Film Bar, 815 N. 2nd St., 5 pm. An evening of short films, poetry, and discussions of the undiscovered stories of downtown Phoenix. Hosted by Rosemarie Jeana. Limited space, so register here:



PHOENIX, 2nd Annual RISE! Intercultural Poetry & Art Show @ Great Arizona Puppet Theatre, 302 W. Latham St., 7 pm, $5 (cash only). Poetry, dancing, music, art, live painting, refreshments from Tres Leches Café and a raffle! So much fun packed into one night! A portion of the proceeds will go to the Phoenix College Adopt-A-Family program which assists refugee families settled in Arizona.


SEDONA, First Friday Poets Corner @ Sedona Arts Center, 15 Art Barn Road. Join a casual group of poets and share your poetry. Call for time and more information: 928.282.3809 | 888.954.4442


TEMPE, First Friday Poetry @ Changing Hands, 6428 S. McClintock Dr., 7 pm. The Non-Existence of Luz presented by Giancarlo Huapaya. There will be no open reading this evening. For other interesting events and workshops sponsored by Changing Hands, visit



PEORIA, SCAPS, a branch of the Arizona State Poetry Society @ Casa Senior Living, 12751 N. Plaza del Rio Blvd., 9 - 11 am. All poets and poetry lovers welcome.


TUCSON, Tucson Poetry Society @ Bookman's on East Speedway, For more information, contact Stuart Watkins, 520.818.0844 or [email protected] A branch of the Arizona State Poetry Society.


TUCSON, Po-e-tree: "Poetry and Science @ UA's Arboretum, 3:30 - 5 pm. Meet in front of Old Main and participate in a moving poetry event honoring Alison Deming, former director of the UA Poetry Center and current Professor in Creative Writing at UA.


MONDAY, DECEMBER 7, 14, 21, 28

FLAGSTAFF, Open Mic Night @ The Museum Club, 3404 E. Route 66, 8 pm. Poetry, music, comedy and more, it's all welcome. Sorry, kids, it's a 21 & over event. For more info, visit


SEDONA, Young Voices Be Heard @ Sedona Public Library, Quiet Study Room, 3250 White Bear Rd, 4 pm. Young poets 13 - 19 are invited to come and share their works, but the group is open to oldsters, too!



PHOENIX, P.E.N. Uptown Emerging Poet Showcase @ Practical Art, 5050 N. Central, 7 pm. There will be an open mic before the feature. Jake Friedman, the voice behind Four Chambers Press, is your host. [email protected]


PRESCOTT, Open Reading @ The Peregrine Book Company, 219A N. Cortez, 5:30 pm. Open mic poetry. Monthly event. Host is Dan Seaman; for more info call the book store at 928.445.9000



ORO VALLEY, Winter Light: Poems for the Season @ Oro Valley Library, 1305 W. Naranja Dr., 2 pm. Join UA Poetry Center docents for a discussion poets and their poetry. For more info, 520.594.5580.


TUCSON, Student & Teacher Reading @ UA Poetry Center, 1508 E. Helen St., 7 pm. Original poetry and prose read by participants and teachers in this last season's workshops.


PHOENIX, Phoenix Festival of the Arts @ Margaret Hance Park, 1134 N. Central Ave., hours for each day vary. Performances, vendors, art, dance, storytelling, poetry, and food!



PHOENIX, Caffeine Corridor @ {9} The Gallery, 1229 Grand Ave., 7 pm. Open mic followed by features. Open mic hosted by Bill "The Man" Campana. Feature poets hosted by Jack "Zebras" Evans and Shawnte "Spaceman" Orion.


PHOENIX, Organic Poetry @ The Firehouse Gallery, 1015 N. 1st St., 8 pm, $5 donation. Featured artists & poets participating with an open mic. Hosted by Jules Dinehdeal.


YUMA, Poetry Circle @ The Foothills Library, 13226 E. South Frontage Rd. 1 pm. On your way to San Diego? Stop in and share a poem, write a poem, meet some poets! For more information, call 928.342.1640.



FLAGSTAFF, Poet's Den @ The Wine Loft, 17 N. San Francisco, Upstairs. If you want to read but don’t have a poem picked, we’ll pick one for you! Thrown into the mix will be a LIT-CENTRIC OPEN MIC: All Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, Etc. Welcome! For more information and time, call 928.773.9463


PHOENIX, Infuse Open Mic @ Phoenix Center for the Arts, 1202 N. 3rd St., 5:30 pm sign up, mic opens at 6 pm. Music, poetry, dance, theatre, comedy, more poetry and music…in a great theatre setting! Hosted by one of the most positive men I know, Jason Lalli! An event to be at!! For more info:



SCOTTSDALE, Mustang Poets @ Mustang Library, 10101 N. 90th St., 6 pm. Poetry discussion and bring 8 - 10 copies for gentle critique or just bring poetry to read. A lively and welcoming branch of the Arizona State Poetry Society. Christy White is your host, [email protected]


TEMPE, Poetry Roundtable @ Changing Hands, 6428 S. McClintock Dr., 6:30 pm. Workshop one of your poems with a group of peers. For more info: [email protected]



KINGMAN, Open Poetry Night @ Mohave County Library, 3269 N. Burbank St., 6 pm. Read your own or someone else's poetry. Ongoing event, 4th Thursday of every month.


MESA, District 4 Poetry Reading @ Jarrod's Coffee Tea & Gallery, 154 W. Main St., 7 pm. Featuring Laura Tohe and Bill Campana and a limited open mic. Sponsored by Jarrod's and Anthology.


PHOENIX, Monthly Open Mic: Arts, Letters & Culture Event @ Dog-Eared Pages Used Books, 16428 N. 32nd St. #111, 5 pm. Perform, read, dance, sing, tell stories while enjoying the featured artist of the month. For more info, 602.283.5423



TEMPE, East Valley Poets @ Pyle Center, 655 E. Southern Ave., 9:30 am - 12 pm. Get to know local poets and hear their poetry. All are welcome! Hosted by Jim Platt.


TUCSON, Restorative Poetic - Writing Humanity: a writing workshop with Samiya Bashir @ Fluxx, 414 E. 9th St., 1 - 4 pm, $75. Using your experiences and insights, meditation and collaboration, create poems of power. Sponsored by Casa Libre en la Solana.


TUCSON, Samiya Bashir & Jennifer Casale @ Casa Libre en la Solana's Fair Weather Reading Series, 228 N. 4th Ave., doors open at 6:30 pm, reading begins at 7 pm. For more information, visit:




THE BASEMENT - check it out!


Four Chambers Press Call for Writers - in partnership with the downtown Phoenix contemporary art space and collective, eye lounge, they will be pairing 11 local authors with artists to create and produce an ekphrastic work for a show during Art Detour in March. Deadline to apply is DECEMBER 9TH!!!! Ohmii! To apply send an email to: [email protected]


Haiku Poetry Expo 2016 is calling for submissions for the Arizona Matsuri 32nd Annual Festival of Japan. Last year's book of poetry winners was a beautiful piece and was so successful that they are doing it again. For more information, visit Deadline for submissions is January 31, 2015.


Phoenix Center for the Arts is a great place to try out a new art form (to enhance your poetry, of course!) or maybe teach a workshop on an art form. I note that they have NO POETRY workshops and they are open to more instructors. Visit their website to find out more:


Arizona Citizens for the Arts provides a platform for arts advocacy in government in the state. Want to know more or are you politically passionate about arts but don't have a place for all that energy? Visit to learn more and see if this is an organization for you.


Poetry Out Loud fosters the next gen poets and literati. For more information (teachers are you paying attention?), visit


Casa Libre en la Solana in Tucson holds poetry readings and other events. Check them out here:


Tupelo Press supports poets and poetry events. Fall writing conferences are coming up! Take a look at what they do here:


A Room of Her Own Foundation is the sponsor of some interesting writing projects and contests. To learn more, go here:


Beatlick Press for writers who have something to say and where poets and poetry hit the road!


Poets & Writers Magazine for great info about writing, interviews, contests, workshops and so very much more! is a great site for poetry and poetry information, and a daily poem in your ebox!


The Weekly Avocet is an online publication of contemporary nature poetry and quotes published by Charles Portolano. If you would like it sent to your email address, let Charles know by emailing him at [email protected], and he accepts nature poetry as well!


The Avocet, a Journal of Nature & Poetry, is accepting submissions for the printed issue of the Fall Journal. For more information, email Charles Portolano at [email protected] There are guidelines you must know!!


UA Poetry Center always has a lot going! Website -


The Blue Guitar Magazine,


Four Chambers Press in Phoenix always seems to be everywhere in the Valley of the Sun. If you want to know what's up next for them, visit:


This is what I have for you, my poets and friends. If I knew of more, I'd give it. I recommend you check out the links, or just sit quietly and find your writing space. More love and poetry in January! Tell it!