The conduit that connects the creative poetic voice

Arizona State Poetry Society


The conduit that connects the creative poetic voice, especially

in rural and remote areas of Arizona; we are connected to

excellent poetry and stimulated by the resonance of

other poets. Roberta L. Howard, CEO, NAVCARE 



The ASPS poetry journal of member's poetry.

Sandcutters accepts manuscripts from members only. By entering the monthly contest(s) winning authors agree to allow Sandcutters first-time publication rights. All future reproduction rights are retained by the authors. The editor(s) retains the right to make all decisions on formats, long-line breaks, and placement in the publication.

Monthly Contest Guidelines


Submission to ASPS monthly contests is limited to current members of the Arizona State Poetry Society. Members may submit only UNPUBLISHED original poems. The contest chair asks that you wait 45 days after the contest deadline before submitting these poems elsewhere. There is no entry fee to the monthly contests.

1) If mailing, enclose two (2) copies of each poem. One copy with your name and address in the upper left corner. Both copies should include the month - category - form or subject in the upper right corner. Please proofread your work thoroughly.

If emailing, attach a copy of the poem to your email and ONLY PUT THE CATEGORY AND THE MONTH on the poem. Do NOT put your name and address. In the body of your email, please enter category, month, and title or first line of the poem.

2) FORMAT: poems should be typed or computer-generated on white bond paper, size 81/2" x 11". Originals or clean copies are acceptable. Submit each poem on a separate sheet.

3) LIMITS: submissions have a maximum of 30 lines (including line spaces between stanzas) per poem; the poem title does not count as a line. Submit only one poem per category per month. Please, no simultaneous submissions.

4) DEADLINE: entries must be postmarked, or sent by email, by the first of the month and received by the fifth of the contest month.

5) WINNERS: each month nine (9) selected poems will receive a $5.00 award and are published in the next issue of Sandcutters. Please include a SASE for a reply. To assist our bookkeeping, winners are requested to cash checks promptly.

6) MAIL, OR EMAIL, TO: Rhonda Brown, ASPS Monthly Contest Chair, 1550 N. Stapley #129, Mesa, AZ 85203   OR [email protected]


            Category I:  Traditional (Identify form)

            Category II:  Free Verse

            Category III: The Monthly Subject (see below)

NOTE:  For 2017, there will be monthly contests for October, November & December as the ASPS Annual Contest has been suspended.

2017 Monthly Subject:

JANUARY               Ages and Stages

FEBRUARY             Friendship

MARCH                   Time Travel

APRIL                      Bridges

MAY                         Letting Go

JUNE                        Games

JULY                        Luck

AUGUST                 Gratitude

SEPTEMBER          Holding On

OCTOBER              Before anything else...

NOVEMBER          The way of languages

DECEMBER           Old wishes

2018 Monthly Subject:

JANUARY                High places

FEBRUARY              Little lies

MARCH                    Coincidences

APRIL                       Natural things

MAY                          Heroes

JUNE                         Another story

JULY                          Call me

AUGUST                   Questions

SEPTEMBER            Overheard