The conduit that connects the creative poetic voice

Arizona State Poetry Society


The conduit that connects the creative poetic voice, especially

in rural and remote areas of Arizona; we are connected to

excellent poetry and stimulated by the resonance of

other poets. Roberta L. Howard, CEO, NAVCARE 


2019 Annual Contest

The 2019 Annual Contest is now accepting entries.

This year there are 10 categories with one just

for 13 - 18 year olds.



For a PDF flyer

of the categories,

and contest guidelines & rules,


[email protected]

Deadline September 30, 2019

                ASPS Board Meeting Highlights

The ASPS Board of Directors and other interested members met in Tucson on March 9 for a Board meeting. Highlights of the meeting included:
Finances--ASPS finances are positive with $781 in checking and $2,828 in savings, in addition to $62 in a PayPal account. The 2018 annual poetry contest helped boost the treasury.
Membership--ASPS currently has 69 members with one new member for 2019. There was discussion about how we can recruit new members and increase membership. Holding conferences and members bringing guests to a chapter meeting were two ways suggested to help increase membership.
2019 Board Members--President Christy White, VP Stuart Watkins, Treasurer Christy White (acting), Secretary Kris Perry.
Appointed ASPS Positions--Discussion occurred about various appointed positions that are vacant. Christy will follow up on inviting members to fill key positions.
2019 ASPS Conference--It was decided to have one conference per year, alternating between Phoenix and Tucson. Christy will take the lead in organizing the fall 2019 conference in Phoenix. Tucson will host in 2020.
Annual Poetry Contest--There were six contests sponsored in 2018, and there are already two more added for 2019. Announcement of the 2019 Contest will be announced in April.
Monthly Contests--There was discussion about the downturn in submissions for the monthly contests. It has been especially noticed since the first of January. Branch Presidents are urged to encourage their members to take full advantage of this free submission and publication process and submit poems monthly.
The Desert Voice Newsletter--There was high praise for the inauguration of a beautiful newsletter. Kris Perry was commended for her work in publishing the first--and ongoing!--quarterly issues. Chapter Presidents were encouraged to submit news of their chapter's upcoming events to Kris.
Sandcutters--Christy will look for a new editor for the 2019 Sandcutters, since Paul Callahan has requested to "retire" from the position. Paul was thanked "in absentia" for his work over the years on our flagship publication.
NFSPS Conference--NFSPS invited ASPS to host the 2020 National Conference. After discussion, it was decided that ASPS will respectfully decline due to other priorities, as we continue to re-build and rejuvenate our Arizona community of members. It was decided that 2021 would be the earliest ASPS would consider hosting this major national event.

  Tucson Poetry Society Conducts Workshop on
         How and Where to Submit Your Poetry
                                             See the NEWS page for details!

                    ASPS 2019 Officers

                                           The 2019 ASPS officers are:


                                          President – Christy White

                                          Vice President – Stuart Watkins

                                          Treasurer – Bill Brown

                                          Secretary – Kris Perry


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