The conduit that connects the creative poetic voice

Arizona State Poetry Society


The conduit that connects the creative poetic voice, especially

in rural and remote areas of Arizona; we are connected to

excellent poetry and stimulated by the resonance of

other poets. Roberta L. Howard, CEO, NAVCARE 


The purpose of the ASPS shall be to stimulate a fine and intelligent appreciation of poetry, to encourage the writing and reading of poetry, and to further the goals of the National Federation of State Poetry Societies in securing fuller public recognition of the art of poetry.

Members Receive

* Sandcutters, the ASPS poetry journal, which publishes winning poems from ASPS contests.
* News of ASPS, branches, and members.

Members Meet Other Poets

* ASPS Annual Poetry Contest include invited and open readings, workshops and more.
* ASPS Conferences combine speakers, open readings, panels or workshops, winning poems, and much more.
* At regular and special branch meetings throughout the state, read and hear poetry, participate in workshops, etc.
* Some branches on occasion have special brunches, programs, and events.

Benefits of Automatic Membership in The National Federation of State Poetry Societies (NFSPS)

* Strophes, quarterly newsletter of national and state news, contest listings, etc.
* Authorization to enter the NFSPS Annual National Contest(48 Categories with a single 8.00 entry fee.) (ASPS dues must be paid by January 1 of the contest year.)
* Authorization to enter the NFSPS Stevens Manuscript Contest
* Opportunity to attend the annual NFSPS National Convention.

Members May Compete in

* ASPS Annual Contest (up to 20 categories with nominal entry fees in each)
* ASPS Monthly Contests for members only (3 categories, no entry fees)
* Occasional Branch Contests


Annual dues are $25.00 and are due January 1 of each year. Branches may also have dues of $5.00-$10.00, which are also due January 1 of each year. Those who donate $10.00 or more above membership fees will be listed as Patrons of ASPS.

The Arizona State Poetry Society welcomes all poets and friends of poetry. ASPS is a state-wide organization that has been in existence since 1965. ASPS 501(C)3 non-profit status is pending.

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[email protected]

Or send us a letter at 1145 E. Kaler Dr., Phoenix, AZ 85020