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The conduit that connects the creative poetic voice, especially

in rural and remote areas of Arizona; we are connected to

excellent poetry and stimulated by the resonance of

other poets. Roberta L. Howard, CEO, NAVCARE 



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July 2019 Monthly Contest Winnners

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Tia Ballantine

--A Map of Summer (or Political Optimism)

--No Warning

Gail Denham


Charles Firmage

--Desert's Changing

Annette Gagliardi

--Nature Sings

Alan Perry

--Bird Feed

--Pas de Deux

Kim Sosin

--Return to Yellowstone

Eva Willis


June 2019 Monthly Contest Winners

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Paul Callahan

--Father's Time

--Our Hero

Gail Denham


Charles Firmage

--What Is Truth

Janet Rives

--Cold Snap

Jane Stuart

--Breezy Morning

--Fence Building

--The Fairy Orchard

Steve Watson

--Snow Falls Blue

May 2019 Monthly Contest Winners

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Rhonda Brown

--I Delight in the Day Lilies

Gail Denham

--Tree Down

Charles Firmage

--Emmylou Whitehall

--Mourning Dove

Jane Stuart

--Outside Conversation


Steve Watson

--Baja Bad

Eva Willis

--Spring in the Southwest

Sonya Zetlan

--Academic Discourse

April 2019 Monthly Contest Winners

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Gail Denham

--One Day, One More Wind

Mark Hudson

--Blind Raftery's Gold Tombstone

Walter Ralston


Janet Rives


Stuart Watkins

--Gold for a Farm

Steve Watson

--The Mog

--The Wasp

Christy White


Raney Wright

--Ribs of Gold

March 2019 Monthly Contest Winners

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Charles Firmage

--Lexus in Texas

Mark Hudson

--Two Nine-Year-Old Girls on a Cruise

Jane Stuart

--We Wait For Rain

--Disappearing Earth

--The Night Wind Blows

Steve Watson

--La Serena

--Apache Teardrops

Christy White

--Mockingbird Lullaby

Eva Willis

--High Country

Another TPS Poetry Workshop

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On March 9, 2019 the Tucson Poetry Society (TPS) held the second in its 2019 series of poetry workshops for its members. TPS members Gene Twaronite and Alan Perry conducted  "How to Hold A Poetry Editor's...Attention: Tips on Submitting Your Poems". The workshop topics included:

--Top 10 Tips on submitting your poems

--A learning activity on how to use the Poets & Writers website and tools to research markets for your poetry

--12 "approachable" poetry markets--some "poet-friendly" places to submit your poetry

--A sample cover letter to accompany your submissions

--The article "Where to Submit Your Work" which names additional submission resources

--A poem "Submission Request" that has a tongue-in-cheek view of the submission process

With nearly 25 members in attendance, the feedback on the workshop was very positive. Attendees went online to the Poets & Writers website and began searching for journals to which they could submit their poems. Several members said the workshop gave them the tools and motivation to submit their!

February 2019 Monthly Contest Winners

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Rhonda Brown

--Unfiltered Words

Gail Denham

--Playground Nightmares

--Foggy Mind


Charles Firmage

--Smokerings in the Air

Annette Gagliardi

--Good For: One Free Ride

Steve Watson

--The Wharf


Christy White

--In the Cupboard

January 2019 Monthly Contest Winners

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Rhonda Brown


--A Thank You Note to Teachers

Paul Callahan


--A Nation Rose Free

Gail Denham

--haiku - “sleeping deep...”


--Grandma Heaven

Mark Hudson

--Begin with a Grin

Christy White

--Joy Will Find Me

2018 ASPS Annual Contest Winners

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ASPS President Christy White announced the winners of the 2018 ASPS Annual Poetry Contests at a luncheon in Sun City on January 19, 2019. The winning poets in each of six separate contests were named and their poems were read for the luncheon's attendees.

Among the readers of the winning poems was Rosemarie Dombrowski, the Poet Laureate of Phoenix, who attended the luncheon, gave a reading of her own poetry, and updated the audience on her activities as the inaugural Phoenix Poet Laureate.

The 2018 Sandcutters anthology of monthly contest winners was also unveiled and will be mailed to all ASPS members who were not at the luncheon. Thanks and appreciation go to Paul Callahan for again producing a beautiful anthology that all members will be proud to own.

1. ASPS AWARD (57 poems) - KARA van de GRAAF, Judge

Any subject, Any form - 60 line limit, Sponsor: Arizona State Poetry Society

1st $50 - The Boy, Barbara Blanks, Garland, TX

2nd - $30 - Tia's Olfactory Field Trip, Jean Emrick, Tucson, AZ

3rd - $20 - The Burning Cross, Susan Smith, Oracle, AZ


In honor of my mother, Priscilla White, Any Subject, Any form, Maximum 2 typewritten pages, Sponsor: Christy White

1st - $50 - Poetry Can't Save the World, Troy Cunio, Titusville, FL

2nd - $30 - Forgotten, Tanya R. Whitney, Sorrento, LA

3rd - $20 - Through Sarah's Eyes, Jerri Hardesty, Brierfield, AL

3. FREE VERSE (65 poems) - MELANIE DUNBAR, Judge

Any Subject, Up to 32 lines, Sponsor: Tucson Poetry Society

1st - $50 - passage, artiste-te, Paradise Valley, AZ

2nd - $30 - Here in This Trench, Gail Denham, Sunriver, OR

3rd - $20 - Until Nine, Sara Gipson, Scott, AR

HM - Bushwhacker, Dream Weaver, Poet, Jacqueline Williams, Mesa, AZ


Any form – 32 line limit, Sponsor: Scottsdale Mustang Poets

1st - $50 - Ropin' Rainbows, James Robert Platt, Mesa, AZ

2nd - $30 - Beautiful Sky, Carol Christy White, Phoenix, AZ

3rd - $20 - Ode to the King of the Cowboys, Becky Alexander, Cambridge, ON

HM - Vista, Jerri Hardesty, Brierfield, AL


Any subject – 32 line limit, Sponsor: Sun Cities Poetry Society

1st - $50 - The Panhandle, Tanya R. Whitney, Sorrento, LA

2nd - $30 - Arizona Cloudbursts, Donna Meyer, Prescott, AZ

3rd - $20 - Spring Green Boy, John Crawford, Arkadelphia, AR

HMs - Music Appreciation & Summer Day at Grandpa's Farm, Betsy Huhn Clark, Sun City West, AZ

September, Becky Alexander, Cambridge, ON, Canada


Any Form, Length: 40 Lines, Sponsor: East Valley Poetry Society

1st - $50 - God's To Do List, Troy Cunio, Titusville, FL

2nd - $30 - Saving Light, Kolette Montague, Centerville, UT

3rd - $20 - Latin Dancing, Walter Ralston, Sun City West, AZ

HMs - Sad State of Many Poems & My Poem Protest, Gail Denham, Sunriver, OR

Poetry on the Runway, James Robert Platt, Mesa, AZ

Traveling Through the Cholla, Sally Curd, Tucson, AZ

The Maven, William Brown, Mesa, AZ

God Bless the NRA, Mac McGowan, Laveen, AZ

2019 TPS Poetry Workshop Series

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by Jeanne Missey Osgood, TPS President

The Tucson Poetry Society is offering a free workshop series to ASPS/TPS members as part of its monthly meeting schedule. The first workshop, “Poetry Revision" with Frank Iosue, was held on Saturday, January 12, 2019 at the Joel Valdez Main Library in Tucson from 10:30am – 12:00, with a short meeting following. There were 23 participants in attendance and comments on the evaluations included, “It was beyond great…felt like I was back in a graduate level class”; “The presentation showed both subject matter expertise as well as the knowledge of a working poet and the creative process”; and “This presentation could have been three hours, it was jam-packed with gems”.

The next two scheduled workshops will be held on:

March 9, “I Long to Hold the Poetry Editor's...Attention: Tips on Submitting Pooetry” with Gene Twaronite and Alan Perry, and 

April 13, “Children’s Rhyming Picture Books” with Elaine Powers.

Both workshops are from from 10:30 – 11:30am and will be held at the Joel Valdez Main Library.

These events are free to ASPS/TPS members and their guests. RSVP Jeanne for either event at [email protected]