The conduit that connects the creative poetic voice

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The conduit that connects the creative poetic voice, especially

in rural and remote areas of Arizona; we are connected to

excellent poetry and stimulated by the resonance of

other poets. Roberta L. Howard, CEO, NAVCARE 



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September 2018 Monthly Contest Winners

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Rhonda Brown

--Bus Ride

Paul Callahan

--Evening’s Tide

Bill Guthrie

--Sonnet for Autumn

--The Color of Song

--How Speaks the Night

Jane Stuart

--September Moon

--A Small Kismet

--From My Window

Eva Willis

--A Japanese Soul

East Valley Poets Meeting--Poetry of Autumn

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The East Valley Poets (EVP) Chapter of ASPS met on September 15, 2018 at the Pyle Center in Tempe, AZ. The program was lead by ASPS Vice President Stuart Watkins, filling in for Jim Platt.

The poem prompt for the month was "The Poetry of Autumn", around which the meeting was centered. Stuart read several autumn-related poems from his new book, Fire So Hot, Make You Scoot Way Back. Other attendees also shared their poems for the month on autumn and other topics, and the group commented on each other's writings. Although a smaller group than normal, there was good, detailed discussion about the poems presented, and a new member, Kaya Kotzen, was welcomed. Kaya's book, Coming Into My Wisdom was noted, and Stuart and Kaya traded their books with each other!

An adjacent meeting room drew some members to atttend the lecture there on "Marketing Your Book". The EVP attendees discussed some publishing options as well, including CreateSpace, Kindle Direct Publishing, and others.

August 2018 Monthly Contest Winners

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Rhonda Brown

--Swim II

Bill Guthrie

--Runes of Sonora

--The Railroad Buildings at Stein’s

Janet Rives

--Swept Away

Jane Stuart

--A Song of Southern Wind

--A Clog Dance

Mariana Warner



--Re William Carlos Williams

July 2018 Monthly Contest Winners

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Paul Callahan

--Call in the Night

--A Road Through the Dell

--Gathering Darkness

Gail Denham

--Is Anyone Paying Attention?

Gene Rockwell Gant

--The Well

Jane Stuart

--Long Before Time Began, Among the Flowers

--Looking for Unicorns

--A Wish-For Memory

Joan Wick

--Poet’s Dream


Poetry Reading and Craft Talk

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“Writing Poems from Your Life with Tom Speer”

by Jeanne Missey Osgood, TPS President

The Tucson Poetry Society hosted a poetry event on Saturday, April 28, 2018 at the University of Arizona’s Main Library from 11:00am – 2:30pm. There were 47 participants in attendance and the comments on the evaluations were glowing: “very well organized event”; “thoroughly enjoyed Tom Speer’s poems and craft talk”; “TPS poets were entertaining, and even though I don’t write poetry I feel inspired to give it a try”; “free event with lunch and door prizes – absolutely wonderful”; “excellent event”.

Some suggestions for future events included: “offering an open-mic portion”; “a better sound system”; “more workshop time for crafting poems”; “larger event for networking, but, breaking into smaller groups for workshops”.

Special thanks goes to organizing efforts of John Dell, Steve Chaffee, Jon Sebba and Jeanne Missey Osgood; media communications/advertisements of Jon Sebba; food donations by Jeanne and Christopher (Kit) Osgood, Sandra Luber, Jon Sebba and Anna Frances; registration by Anna Frances; picture-taking by Stuart Watkins and Joy Valerius; and door prizes by Hank Dellago, Christopher (Kit) Osgood, Frank Iosue, Steve Chaffee, Stuart Watkins, and Gene Twaronite.

TPS hopes to host a larger and longer event in 2019, perhaps the Arizona State Poetry Society’s Annual Conference. A sincere thank-you to everyone who helped make the Tucson Poetry Society Spring Event a success!

June 2018 Monthly Contest Winners

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Rhonda Brown

--Listening to a Piano Concerto with a Friend

Paul Callahan

--True Love Grows

Bill Guthrie


--Rain Flowers

Mark Hudson

--Ghost Ranch

Jane Stuart

--The Magic Waltz

--Near the Acropolis

--The Changing Circle---an altered life

Mariana Warner

--How Do I Know What to Say?

May 2018 Monthly Contest Winners

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Paul Callahan

--Eye on the Sky

--Brothers at War

--The Story Teller

Mark Hudson

--Halstead Goes to Texas

--Going to See Captain America

Alan Perry

--A War in Black and White

--A Superman

Jane Stuart


--The Risen Spirit Speaks to Those who Hear

April 2018 Monthly Contest Winners

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Bill Guthrie

--Of Blue

--Overwhelmed by Possibilities

Alan Perry



Janet Rives



Jane Stuart

--Wind Song

Mariana Warner


--I Got Shoes

March 2018 Monthly Contest Winners

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Paul Callahan--I Walked Miles

                         --Winter’s Onset

                         --Feeling Wronged

Arjai Barrington Kennedy--Dreadful Companion

                                              --Aunt Edna Lee

Alan Perry--A Plot

Jane Stuart--A Chilly Day

                     --2 on the Red

Eva Willis--Mother’s Eyes

February 2018 Monthly Contest Winners

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Rhonda Brown--Piracy

Gail Denham--Young Girl’s Love

Charles Firmage--Time Keeps Moving On

Alan Perry--Tabled

Janet Rives--Desert Winter

Mariana Warner--Winter

Eva Willis--Looking Back

                  --Montezuma’s Castle

                  --Southwestern Haiku